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santa rosa. little breezy in santa rosa this morning. 50 for oakland outside the door. 49 mountain view. afternoon highs for today upper 50s, low 60s, 61 santa rose a. we will be clearing out so i expect mostly sunny skies, 60 concord, down in to the south bay around 60 degrees. 61 loss gatos. the extended forecast, a warmer day tomorrow. once the ridge moves back n the winds will lighten up as well. not as strong for tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow looks to be the better day to be outside but today not so bad. into monday, tuesday, wednesday we don't budge a lot. in to the last week of february we are dry. if you are going to the new year parade i will have the outlook of your temperatures. >> breaking news to report on the east coast. the massachusetts institute of technology is on lockdown after a man with a rifle was seen in a building, several law enforcement agencies have responded to the campus in cambridge massachusetts. mit officials are telling students and workers to stay inside and report suspicious activity to campus police. we will have more of course on this breaking story
in the capi's statuary hall, where washin >>> a permanent tribute in place tonight for rosa parks. a stature unveiled today in the statuary hall where lawmakers frequently pass. she set off the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus in alabama more than 50 years ago. >>> it was congressional testimony so emotional it left witnesses, spectator, even lawmakers wiping away tears. the hearing focused on proposed assault weapons bans. >> and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: on capital hill, construction worker neal wept in front of lawmakers as he urged them to ban assault weapons like the one used to kill his 6-year-old son, jesse. >> something they should have never happened at an elementary school. >> reporter: his words drew tears from the audience but not bipartisan support. diane feinstein proposed the ban to end assault-style weapons. >> and that is legal today. >> reporter: republican s like lindsey graham say the bill would violate a person's right to bear arms and ignore the lack of law enforcement for current laws. >> i'm frustrated w say one thi
's ceremony unveiling a statue of civil rights pioneer rosa parks in the u.s. capitol. >> she lived a life of activism but also a life of dignity and grace. and in a single moment with the simplest of gestures she helped change america and change the world. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> support also comes from >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: the nine justices of the u.s. supreme court pondered a central piece of civil rights legislation today. at issue: whether it's still needed, 48 years after it first became law. >> we are not there yet! >> brown: georgia congressman and civil rights leader john lewis was one of many who rallied outside the court this morning for the voting rights act. they were there on a day the justices heard a challenge to a key section of the law: it requires states with a hist
of warmer weather; the life of pianist van cliburn and honoring civil rights pioneer rosa parks. but first, with the other news of the day. here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: housing is heating up and it's taking wall street with it. the national association of realtors reported today that january contracts for home sales hit the highest level in more than two years. the stock market reacted with a sharp rally. the dow jones industrial average gained 175 points to close at 14,075. it's up nearly 300 points in two days. the nasdaq rose 32 points today to close at 3,162. the latest nuclear negotiations with iran ended today with talk of concessions by the west and an upbeat appraisal from tehran. margaret warner has our report. >> warner: the two days of talks, in almaty, kazakhstan, ended with no breakthrough only an agreement for more talks in march and april. but there was something new: the u.s. and five negotiating partners reportedly offered to ease some economic sanctions. iran's principal negotiator, saeed jalili, called it a turning point. >> ( translated ): some of the issues
at the sonoma county sherrifs deptarment in santa rosa -- dan you just heard from investigators? >> reporter: can they tell us that the number one of violent crime in this county have to do with marijuana. they are adding another bloody vicious triple murder to that list. >> sheriff's officials say gunmen down were found and were victims of a drug deal gone very wrong >> reporter:after dealing with these last three victims, they believe the y were part of a deal. i could describe the scene as there being a lot of blood, with three gunshot victims. >> reporter: the three victims have been identified as richard blum of new york crowd at ground house key crod gronkosiki from colorado. it was the house of someone's mother, who had been living there for many years. while investigators think the shooting happened midday, it was not until 3:15 p.m. they received a phone call to the authorities from his brothers. he was concerned that he had not heard from him in over six hours. authorities are following up on leads says, searching for suspects but they will not say at this point. autopsies on the v
." >> bill: rosa parks has a new seat up-front on the bus. hey, good morning everybody. what do you say? here we go. thursday, february 28th. last day of the shortest month of the year. is this a -- no, that's right. 29th is when you have a leap year. it is a regular ole february. good to see you today on this regular ole day. no such thing as a regular ole day on the "full court press." you never know what's going to happen around here. thank you for joining us. hello, hello, hello, wherever you happen to be in this great land. we are there with you. we are there for you to talk about the stories in the news this morning. whether it's happening here in our nation's capital washington, d.c., around the country or around the globe we've got it covered. we'll tell you what's going on but more important than that, we'll give you a chance to tell us what you think about these items in the news today. you can do so by giving us a call. we always tell you that at 1-866-55-press. that's our toll free number. you can follow us on twitter at bpshow at bpshow. more and more people do every day. and whe
rosa, livermore and s-f-o. the shutdowns would begin as soon as april. >> jacqueline: if you like today, we will have more in store. >> this just in to the kron 4 news roomhere has been an explosion in luxor, with possibly 40 tourists, ted. from a hot air balloon 40 tourists, possibly-dead. from egypt. >> a developing story. las vegas police are making a desperate plea for help in finding an oakland man's killer. the shooting happened last week on the vegas strip. and left three people dead. kron 4's j-r stone is following the story and spoke with the victim's father this evening. >> reporter: police believe that he killed kenny cherry an aspiring rapper and people isinde were killed those .... keep in mind, that if you are helping him. he is wanted for murder. a short time later, gunshots could be found the range rover has been recovered but his whereabouts are not unknown. >> we believe that somebody knows where he is. we're urging you to give them a call. >> i ysabel with the father of kenny's and they said that they did not know the shooter. the funeral derangements should be thursd
was dedicating the rosa parks statue yesterday. they chatted for about a minute. the closest we've seen to any talks or compromise in days. boehner, also minority leader nancy pelosi will be at that meeting. along with harry reid, the senate democratic leader, and mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader. all of them likely to talk about where we go next. we're already starting to see some changes. homeland security releasing some illegal immigrants from detention to save money. and boehner told lawmakers here, don't use any military planes. that racks up a bill, too. mara. >> tracie potts live in washington. thank you so much for that. >>> there's word that u.s. may be changing its policy on aid to rebels in syria. nbc news has been told by senior official that is the u.s. will announce some aid will be given directly to certain syrian opposition groups rather than through nongovernmental agencies. the nonlethal aids could include body armor military training, and vehicles, but not weapons. the uprising against president bashar al assad began in 2011. >>> the u.s. supreme court is expect
in santa rosa. vallejo was below freezing, today we are at 48 degrees. >> looking at the numbers in to the afternoon. mainly '60s. >> mid fifties for daly city. >> could reach seventies in fairfield, napa, santa rosa. >> 68 expected in pleasanton. >> looking at satellite and radar picture we have some rain in northern california. you'll have to drive about two-three hours to see any of the rain. the ridge of high pressure is doing a good job of keeping it away from us. >> we're waking up to mainly clear skies, dry weather in the bay area as the lane track sticks to our north. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we have changes to talk about. friday's slated to be the warmest of the week. >> low seventies for just about everyone. we could see mid-70s developed in the south bay. >> heading into saturday and sunday a week system will pass through could bring light rain to our area. by a light rain i mean sprinkles. that is for the communities north of the golden gate bridge. >> most of us was the increase in cloud cover and the dip in temperatures. >> dry and sunny as
, 39 areas around concord. these are some of the cooler spots but areas like santa rosa still warmer with the high clouds overhead. where the high died clouds are coming from. we have a weak disturbance that will continue north and east. for the afternoon partly cloudy, mostly sunny as the system move out of the way. a second system here going to also brush just the northern edge of california. the two combined will equal a minor cooldown and a return to the on shore flow that will happen later this afternoon. partly cloudy this morning, temperatures in the upper 30s to low to mid40s. a few low 40s as well as along the coastline. the on shore breeze will come back. that will lead to the low clouds, perhaps as early as tomorrow morning. temperatures today a few degrees cooler than yesterday and most cases, near the coastline with the on shore breeze we could see about five to ten degrees drop from yesterday afternoon. take a look here you can see the clouds moving through, probably about noontime, one, beginning to clear out and for your afternoon mostly sunny to partly cloudy, we do
to the santa rosa press democrat, they arrested al nether on wednesday. he's the 3rd 49er to be arrested on a dui charge since 2012. the team says they take the issue seriously and reserve comment because it is an ongoing legal matter. >>> democrats with large majorities in the california legislature are charting an ambitious agenda for the year ahead. lawmakers introduced hundreds of bills before last week's deadlines and include proposals to change gun and ammunition laws and even environmental regulations. lawmakers have put forward a total of more than 2000 bills. but at the same time, california democrats are no longer the super majority in the state senate that they were just a couple of days ago. >> things really changed quickly and that is because of a surprise resignation this past week. as cbs reporter roberta gonzales rob -- rob mcallister,. >> reporter: nobody expected marco rubio to announce his resignation, and is leaving immediately to work for oil giant chevron. a moving taking parties off guard. >> the democrats have enjoyed a one
, north of santa rosa. take a peek. coming in a little closer. you see it showing up around point ray. it's light stuff. right now, i'm not getting any reports of anything hitting the ground. we may see a few sprinkles toward santa rosa. this system is a brief one. it blows through. once it's out of here, temperatures warm up. highs tomorrow are going to be a couple of degrees warmer than what ght then, clouds, maybe a sprinkle out there. tomorrow, clears rapidly. it's going to be warmer when you wake up, and it's going to end up warmer in the afternoon. the way it breaks down, the next couple of days, mostly sunny and warm. as we get into the weekend, this low kind of, this one is low on the weekend, budges up against the coast, may impact a few high clouds, and a little bit cooler. but it sort of creeks the door open, so we could see a few sprinkles, as we go into the middle of next week. forecast highs, 70 in napa. pretty warm. probably a degree or two warmer than it was today. it's going to continue to warm as we head into your bay area friday. 69 tomorrow in walnut creek. 70 in liver
gust at this hour and the temperatures are falling at 40 in santa rosa. most other areas in the mid 40's. here is a lack at what is coming. and it is going to get wet for the morning rain arrives overnight. chance of thunder. snow possible down to 2000 feet in the north bay mountains. here's reason for it. the storm system here is coming out of the gulf of alaska. cold air associated with it so it's not so much the amount of rain that we are going to 7 but the intensity of this system in temperatures of the coldness and what it will let me show you computer animation 11:00 p.m. tonight. few sprinkle like earlier tonight then we sea steady rain. a little batch at 5:00 a.m. as many of you head out the door. morning goes on and some of you head out for the morning rush hour later on. you will notice some light moderate rain with the trough coming through at 11:00 a.m. could see some snow mixing in with rain around mount hamilton and lake county area in the hills so just be aware of that. the low will go through early wednesday morning. all wind down and ov
rosa. and 47 degrees in san francisco. i think toward the afternoon, usually we are looking at temperatures in the 60s outside. today, not even close! yeah, about 49 degrees the expected high. that's 12 degrees below average in santa rosa, 9 degrees bow average in san francisco. 51. only about 50 degrees in concord. no matter how you slice it, it's going to be chilly out there today, liz. >> i know. what's going on? outside now we have chain requirements all the way to the sierra. so they are in effect this morning right there between kingvale and donner lake on interstayed 80. you will need them on highway 50 between twin bridges and meyers. a lot of folks are heading back from the sierra, so pack your chains. mass transit back to a regular schedule after holiday schedules yesterday and so far no delay all across the bay area. checking the ride along the peninsula, 101 and 280 both moving at top speeds this morning. looks great all the way down past highway 92. if you are traveling 101 through san mateo county, 280 is at the limit,
to 29 degrees in fairfield. 32 freezing in santa rosa. this afternoon well into the 60s and low 70s. even warmer through friday, cooling off a few more clouds for the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's. >>> martha stewart needed money and jc penney gave it to her. that led to a lawsuit by macy's. now they're all in court. now we'll show you how the battle is becoming personal. >>> north korea, the most closed off country if there the world is opening up to former nba bad boy dennis rodman. >> i got invited to come over and have some fun and i'm hoping that you know there'll be some fun. >> we'll show you the connection between rodman and north korea's new leader. >>> plus consumer reports reveals the best new cars 200613. on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by reeses pieces. perfectly fun. chili's lunch break combos start at just 6 bucks. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries
at the unveiling of the rosa parks statue here on capitol hill wednesday. but if the faces of the president and house speaker john boehner during the conversation are any indication, compromise is not in their sights. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> work to be done there. the nonpartisan congressional budget office released a report saying that democrats' plan would raise the deficit tens of billions of dollars through the end. budget year. >>> 4:47 right now. let's check the weather. sunny, maybe a little chance of rain. >> not today. i think we stay dry and i think the temperatures will warm up around the bay area today. in fact, tomorrow will be in the 70s. so out the door this morning, we have a few more clouds keeping the temperatures fairly mild in the 40s and 50s right now. some fog out toward the coastline early on. by the afternoon, a few passing high clouds and well, the temperatures going to be warming up nicely. 60s, maybe even some low 70s by the afternoon. so should be a beautiful day today. just a flat ridge. you're seeing som
are chilly. 31 degrees in santa rosa. expecting to drop into the 20s. we have winds helping us out. helping the fog from forming at the surface and helping frost from developing. as soon as we lose the wind it's a whole other scenario. we have three additional hours of cooling before we hit our lows. just want to show you what the wind in combination with the cool temperatures leads to. fairfield, a west-southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. temperatures in the 30s. however it feels like 26 degrees. northwest wind, 5 to 15 miles per hour. it will be a cold start to the day. like i said before the wind will help in a couple different areas. a, it will keep frost and fog from forming and will keep the skies clear to start the day. we'll hit the 60s as a result. more rain on the way. we're almost to the weekend now. your weekend forecast is coming up. stay tuned for that. let's look at the drive with mike. >> we are looking at 880 through fremont. the southbound side past the truck scales with the headlight hs. very few headlights going through the area. into the south bay, maps as well. the or
after 2014? i do not understand that. in fact, i have introduced with rosa delauro h.r. 125, the congressional oversight of afghanistan agreement act of 2013, which is a bipartisan bill introduced by us and we are reaching out to our other colleagues to say, congress, let's get on the floor, let's debate whether we should stay there 10 years after 2014 or not. mr. speaker, i sincerely believe that the american people would back this legislation because the american people have seen the total chaos right here this week, last week and the next couple weeks to come talking about sequestration. but i don't think the leader of afghanistan is worried about sequestration because we're going to send him all the money that he wants while we tell the american people we're going to cut your jobs, we're going to cut your programs. that to me is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. mr. speaker, it is time for the american people to say to congress, let's start rebuilding america and stop rebuilding the rest of the world. mr. speaker, beside me is a poster of young army officer who los
. it will be 70's for santa or rosa and napa for the afternoon. it will be 64 degrees for downtown san francisco. warmer weather is on the way and i will have full details coming up. >> we are not tracking any hot spots. if the bay bridge did have a bit back up this morning in the westbound direction. and they were at a 22 minute drive time. the san mateo bridge at highway 92 is slower from 13 to 40 minutes. the golden gate bridge is still a little bit heavier but no delays. the marin commute is still under 40 minutes from navoto to the golden gate bridge. >> still find curried definitely made up for the fight. he had 54 points. >> maybe, he should fight bowe for at every game perry ed >> it was not quite good enough because the team still did not win. >> that is the point that i make all the time. as good as he is being 6 to' 2"he may never do this again. it is just very hard to win 11 per cent is dominating the whole game. >> the 11 of 13 three- pointers. this was magical amazing! >> the new york crowd even got up behind him. >> he knew that he had to make a for david lee been suspende
get updates at and our facebook page. >>> police in santa rosa are trying to find a suspect in a deadly hit and run. it happened yesterday afternoon around 1:00 on montgomery drive. police found the victim, a pedestrian, right there on the side of the road. the suspect believed to be driving a light-colored, newer model mercedes that may have front-end damage. if you have any information, call santa rosa police. >>> it is 7:36. the followup to the story of a broken water main in san francisco, we first reported on yesterday's morning news, crews will return to 15th avenue and winona street today to repair the damaged road. a 61-year-old, 16-inch cast iron pipe burst open, flooding about two dozen homes and creating a 30-foot sinkhole. investigators don't know if the problem was caused by the pipe's age or work on a skewer line -- sewer line last september. six houses are yellow tagged, meaning there's structural damage but the homes are still liveable. >>> a new street improvement project in san francisco is causing big concern among some business owners. the city is looking
rosa. investigators say the man came to the bay area to buy a large amount of marijuana. the suspect still in alabama will soon be transferred to the sonoma county jail. >>> you must have noticed by now the price to fill up your tank keeps going up at an alarming rate. for more than a month now the average price of a gallon of gas has ticked up every single day. experts say it will continue to get worse before it gets better. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live in san jose. kris, we're going to be feeling a ripple effect from the gas station to even just delivering a pizza soon. >> reporter: wref, jess. there's not much most of us can do. we have to drive where we have to go. there are businesses where they can pass some of the cost on to consumers and that is reflected in an interesting way. for people who drive for a living this is one of the roughest patches they've had in a while. >> it makes it a lot harder, that's for sure. every extra dollar i pay on my gas comes out of what i pay for rent. >> reporter: employer costs go up but taxi drivers can't change their prices. >> we can
degrees in santa rosa right now and in napa and 51 in gilroy. the forecast features are looking very much lake they lacked all week long. another mild day. few extra cloud on thursday. warmth on friday. we have it already but even warmer. that will be the warmest day in the 7 day forecast period. now the stooit satellite image as we animate it from 12 hours ago up to now shows movement of cold front pushing into the pacific northwest. cloud ahead of the front and some moisture as wel well. storm however are going to mainly stay north through the weekend. north of the bay area. we see few cloud coming in but no precipitation. start the forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. notice how the system moves eastward. tomorrow and into thursday. moisture stays well to our north. get some clouds moving to the bay area tomorrow night and into thursday so thursday will be partly cloudy but even the presence of the cloud will not inhibit the warm-up. overnight tonight though cool down. see low pressure dropping into the mid 30's and inland valley of the north and east bay and drop
. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. dc is unveiling a new statue of rosa parks today. : this will be the first full-size depiction of any african-american. the capitol does have busts of martin luther king, jr. and sew journer truth. congressional's leaders are saying it's a watershednent our history. >>> the president is speaking and answering questions at the business council dinner in d.c. obama is voicing his opinion on chuck hagel's long-awaited confirmation saying the u.s. has the secretary that our troops deserve. it was close but lawmakers did confirm hagel 58 to 41. he is scheduled to be sworn in today. that means hagel now heads into office with a list of challenges ahead. first up, the sequester hits friday friday. without a deal, the defense department is facing about $46,000,000,000 in cuts before the end of september. that means hundreds of thousands of furloughed civilians and cuts that will affect military equipment and ness. hagel will also need to deal with getting the troops out of afghanistan and compromising with rep
, midnight friday, they are standing together today. there she is, to honor civil rights icon rosa parks. president obama, congressional leaders, and more than 50 of her relatives gathered there at the capital to unveil this bronze statue of miss parks. it is nine feet tall. she is the first black woman to be honored with a statue there. >> rosa parks' singular act of disobedience launched a movement. the tired feet of those who walked the dusty roads of montgomery helped a nation see that to which it had once been blind. it is because of these men and women that i stand here today. it is because of them that our children grow up in a land more free. >> rosa parks broke the law. that was back on december 5th, 1955, when she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a crowded bus back in montgomery, alabama. actually stood in line for quite a while to get to meet and shake hands with miss parks when i was in high school, back in atlanta. gogoose pumps. >>> coming up, a 6-year-old girl banned from using the girl's restroom at her elementary school. why? because she was born a boy
up in the north bay. we are seeing it for your entire ride out of santa rosa down toward petaluma heading into navaato leading the highway 37 interchange. >> san rafeal looks dry carly over the ridge in san rafael bridge. >>--san raphael looks dry over the golden gate bridge in san raphael. >> we saw spotty showers in the menlo park area. you can see spotty showers ahead expecting to slide into the bay area. it will be a wet day. by a a.m. the cold front pushes through. it will arrive in the north bay first. a lot of clouds, cool air associated with the system. it will dive south as we head into the 10:00 hour. the majority of the bay area is affected. moderate to heavy rain indicated by the yellow fairfield, antioch, livermore valley and the east bay shoreline and the mid peninsula. >> once the cold front pushes through scattered showers on the back end, cloudy conditions will continue. later tonight 5:00 p.m. your evening commute contending with light rain for the 880 corridor, highway 1, is a 5802 livermore. an isolated showers early possible into the overnight hours. >> we're
will climb to the '40's for santa rosa, and vallejo. 50 in concord. 51 in redwood city. heading to tahoe keep your chains handy. a winter weather a advisory is in effect all day. we could see 4-8 in. of snow. drive with extra caution. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we could see rain heading into tomorrow. thursday and friday looking dry. instability and unsettled weather continues heading into saturday tracking another system that could bring light rain to the bay area. >> off in the traffic center no hot spots. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is quiet. the ride out of oakland to san francisco is under 10 minutes for those of you coming out of the maize heading toward a fremont street. >> at the san mateo bridge problem free from the west bound trip toward foster city. >> south bound 101, the golden gate bridge no problems with visibility. the deck is not slick just get. it could be later this morning. allow yourself extra time if you're heading to work for school. >> thank you erica. kron 4 has obtained a photograph of the man who police say, is connected to
and richmonday. we hit 64 in santa rosa, 63 in nappa, 62 in valejo and fairfield. 5 in richmond, a little cooler close tore the coastline. temperatures didn't warm that much there. we will stay warmer through the overnight hour. we will still see chilly conditions for our coolest inland valleys. tomorrow, we'll see temperatures a little bit warmer than today. we could get a little bit of rain out of it in the forth bay. we'll have cooler temperatures into sadded. we will rebound into sunday. we will take a look at your weekend temperatures coming up in a bit. >>> the oakland a's are not packing your bags just yet. but the possibility of the team moving south is becoming more of a reality. a deadly shooting on the las vegas strip. we have the startling video. and the late e-on drew peterson, and his attorneys' latest attempt to get a retrial on his murder conviction. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression.
. and fairfield. vallejo, the same low mid 60s. san francisco even 60s. mid-60s for the north bay. santa rosa, napa. and here your kron 4 7 day around the bay no rainfall in sight. look for a few clouds monday, wednesday and thursday. with three different systems that could impact us. we could see some high clouds but mostly sunny skies. look for temperatures to warm on saturday and sunday. temperatures returning to the 70's. police departments on the peninsula are hoping that their latest gun buyback event will reduce the number of guns in the community. hundreds of people turned out for saturday's gun buyback event at east palo alto city hall. police from east palo alto, menlo park and palo alto paid anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars in exchange for handguns, rifles and assault weapons. authorities say they will return any stolen weapons to their rightful owners. the other guns will be destroyed. >> meanwhile in palo alto, gun control advocates came together saturday. they are pushing for new control gun laws in washington. congresswoman jackie spear of san mateo echoed president obama's sta
of the canon building. wednesday, february 27th, at the u.s. capitol, the late civil rights icon, rosa parks, will be the first african american woman with a statue. february 28th, hearings on school standards and whether schools are doing enough to measure teacher performance, at 9:00 a.m. and on friday, march 1st, at nasa headquarters, nasa's advisory committee will hold hearings on the spread of unmanned aircraft systems by civilians in the united states. that's at 8:30 a.m. that's your capital rundown for the week of february 25th. you can find more at i'm tom fitzgerald. we'll see you next week. >>> the oscars are days away. so what's the best movie quote of all time? our facebook fans have been weighing in online. "i'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse." >> jessica pool says her favorite is from "dirty dancing," "nobody puts baby in the corner." >> that's a famous one. >> is it a corner or the corner? >> i don't know. >> nobody puts baby in the corner, thank you. and laura is a fan of matt damon's line in good will hunting. i like it, too. share your favorite mov
napa, santa rosa, in santa rosa seeing temperatures anywhere from 30 to 34 degrees. you are right with in that freezing mark as well. mid-30s nevado areas along the east bayshore line, oakland 38, 36 haywood, half moon bay 40 degrees under mostly sunny sykes, it's a beautiful looking morning but a chilly start to the morning. if you are thinking about heading out to take a walk, be prepared. the king tides for another morning and that high tide comes in next couple hours, you can expect some of the tides to be larger than what we normally get. 41 degrees in belmont. 36 foster city, low's 30s, palo alto but again the sun is up and we will start to see a nice turn around in time for the an afternoon. a mostly sunny, dry weekend. that northwest flow so it's a cool, dry air pulling in. fan fest today starts at ten. temperatures will be around 50 degrees and the mid50s expected for the second half of the day. 57 for oakland today. 55 san francisco, upper 50s santa rosa, san rafael, into the south bay. san jose looking at 58 for the second half, there is the extended forecast, it'll be
in santa rosa, 41 in san jose. 46 in san francisco. 37 degrees in livermore. a flat ridge of high pressure sitting overhead and because it's flat keeping the jet stream to the north but from time to time, we are going to see a few passing high clouds. that will be the worst that we see today. temperatures are going to be impressive on the warm side again usually in low to mid- 60s. by this afternoon, upper 60s wouldn't be surprised if we saw 70 outside. about 68 in san jose. 62 in san francisco and sunny and 69 degrees in concord. more on your weather coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and outside, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge moving fine in both directions. over at the bay bridge they just picked up a lot of overnight roadwork that was in lanes heading towards the pay gates and on the upper deck. we can show you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of overnight roadwork has been picked up now that we're past 5:00. let's go to the maps. we have been watching the breaking news on city
but santa rosa, a little bit of fog and 1. 75 mile visibility. today, we will have a record or two that may fall with another warm day. the coast will be calm. mid-to-upper 60's. surging warmth around the bay and inland. for the bay 68 to 73, inland will hit 68 to 74 degrees this afternoon. touch of screen in the forecast. >> pretty light, this friday morning, some road work and i will show you 80 westbound, the right lane in the westbound direction of the east shore freeway is blocked off until 5:00 this morning with road work,
and even some very low snow levels. temperatures outside right now 39 degrees in santa rosa, 47 in san jose and 47 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon, we'll still be looking at showers but look at these highs today. only in the upper 40s maybe some low 50s for highs so we are talking about the possibility of snow in the mountains. >> i was in walnut creek yesterday. it was so cold. big difference from this weekends. going to be a big difference on the roads as well today. this is really the back-to- workday because yesterday we barely saw any traffic toward the bay bridge toll plaza. so far things look good. but once again after the long holiday weekend, this tuesday morning folks headed back into san francisco. so far no metering lights no delay. across the golden gate bridge so far, so good across the span heading into san francisco. elsewhere if you are heading on 880/237, that is looking good. here's a live look at some traffic sensors through the altamont pass. westbound 580 still nice and light no delay all the way through livermore he
. >>> the u.s. postal service is honoring iconic civil rights activist rosa parks on what would have been her 100th birthday. tomorrow it's releasing a forever stamp that will emphasize her quiet strength. parks made it into the history books following her arrest after refusing to give up her seat on an alabama bus to a white man. she died in 2005. >>> it's time to take a look at the week ahead. we have another busy one coming up for you. on monday we'll be talking a lot about the boy scouts. this the first day we could possibly hear about a decision from the scouts. there are reports the governing board will vote on whether or not to remove a ban on gay members. a lot of heated reaction to this. on wednesday we'll be talking about lance armstrong. this is the deadline for him to testify to the u.s. anti-doping agency. remember, he just admitted to oprah that he's used banned substances. armstrong's attorney said, no way, he's not going to testify before the deadline. on thursday oh, yes, all the fashionistas will be out. new york begins fashion week. it will run until valentine's day. after
and 40s. half moon bay, 41. santa rosa is 32. napa 33. 30s for many, many locations. a lot, lot colderthis morning. today, though, sunny, upper 50s. a little bit of a northwest direction on the breeze. coast, some of the higher elevations dealing with a bit of a breeze. it will be sunny and nice. then tomorrow bring in light rain. about .500 to .03. 50s to near 60. we lose the coastal fog. 57, 59 to about 55, 60. everyone will be pretty close on the temperature range today. tomorrow we cloud it up, bring in some rain. we could use it. that's for sure and then the really cold air -- i mean, it's going to be very brisk around here on friday. saturday looks cold and then windy, sunday. >>> thank you, steve. >>> the search continues for survivors after a tsunami in the solomon islands. it hit yesterday afternoon following an 8.0 earthquake in the south pacific. the tsunami triggered warnings to fiji, australia and new zealand. fiji's sirens sent hundreds of people to higher ground and away from the coast. no damage has been reported and attention has turned to helping people in the
. the weekend starting off with highs mostly in the upper 50s today. maybe close to 60 around santa rosa and oakland. another chilly start for tomorrow morning and temperatures slowly climbing. more weather in your seven-day forecast. >>> of course, more updates on the blizzard of 2013 coming up. >>> president obama gearing up for another fight with congressional lawmakers, this one over impending sweeping cuts that could have an impact on you. >> senior administration officials say president obama will spend the weekend working on his state of the union address. a speech that will focus largely on the economy and the middle class. this as washington gets closer to yet another potential economic crisis. amy is a high school counselor from north glen, colorado. she has traveled to washington with other educators with a message for congress. >> that the time when we are looking at ways to keep our schools safer, these across the board cuts would impact those positions and those people who keep our schools safe. >> reporter: she's talking about the so-called sequester. $85 billion in spendi
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the capital to dedicate a statue to civil rights activist rosa parks. here are some of what he had to say. >> well, they are out of inertia, salt or status. they are out of fear or simple lack of moral imagination. we so often spend our lives as if in a folly accepting injustice, rationalizing inequity, tolerating the intolerable like the bus driver, but also like the passengers on the bus. we see the way things are. children hungry in the land of plenty, tired neighborhoods ravaged by violence, families hobbled by job loss. we make excuses for inaction. we say to ourselves, that's not my responsibility. there's nothing i can do. rosa parks tells us there's always something we can do. she tells us that we all have responsibilities to ourselves and to one another. she reminds us that this is how change happens. not mainly to the experts at the famous and powerful, but through the countless acts, often anonymous courage and kindness and fellow feeling and responsibility to continually come disturbingly expand our c
across the greater bay area. highs will be comfortable. 63 on the way for san jose. 65 in santa rosa. 61 degrees in san francisco. getting into wednesday, temperatures climb even more so. then as we kick off valentine's day temperatures approaching 70-degree mark. ends here in the leukemia, lymphoma society. they've got a big gala. go to their website and check it out. back inside to matt. >> taking a look at the issue of gun violence in america. something we expect to hear a lot about during tonight's state of the union address. tom brokaw's in los angeles with more on this. >> good morning, matt. in tone and in content this gun control debate is hardly uniform across the country. here in the american west, gly m across the country. here in the american west, gun owners are organized and they're really speaking out, matt. gun control is a particularly tough issue for democratic senators in western states. however much they may want to vote for new restrictions, the gun owners back home, who have passed down guns generation to generation and for whom hunting is a way of life, they're pus
to keep pedestrians safe. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a 17-year-old girl from santa rosa is one of two teenagers named the top youth volunteers of the year in california by the prudence spirit of community awards -- prudential spirit of community awards. she was honored for creating threads of teens. she collects donated clothing puts them in a boutique and allows low-income teenaged girls to go shopping who are referred by social workers. allison will receive $1,000 and an all expense paid trip to washington, d.c. and will join 1100 -- 100 other volunteers from all over the america. >>> the three-day meeting with the boy scouts kicked off with the delivery of a petition with 1.4 million signatures calling for an end on the ban on gay scouts and scouting leaders. scouting executives are weighing a plan to allow individual troops to make the decision on whether to allow gay members. >> i don't want one parent to have to sell their son they don't be part of the scouts because they are not good enough. >> a decision on the ban is likely to come tomorrow. >>> the battle over gay mar
and congresswoman rosa delauro, by co-sponsoring the stop re-authorization bill, h.r. 498, so we can continue to move forward in our efforts to address this public health crises affecting our children. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the chair recognizes the gentleman from washington, mr. kilmer, for five minutes. without objection. mr. kilmer: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today with sincere appreciation for the opportunity i have to represent my region in our nation's capital. throughout the past year, whether it be in grays harbor or port angeles, tacoma, what i heard from folks around my region is they want solutions to our problems. people want to get back to work. they want to start new businesses. they want to explore new frontiers of science and technology. they want to help build our nation's bridges and roads. they want to refurbish our schools and our buildings. i'm passionate about these issues and i'm committed to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find new ways to move this economy forward. over the past six weeks, i've had th
for the call. some other headlines. rosa parks is commemorated on what would have been her 100th birthday. from "the miami herald." a journey from a quiet for the kid to a ferocious football icon. we are talking football and the role of the federal government. one of our viewers saying, only the republicans could make a ball regulations a federal issue. thomas is joining us from illinois. good morning. caller: i have had a really deep concern about the far left and the far right. actually, the far left is as dangerous as the far right. ultimately, the two are in collusion, one and the other. i have been concerned with the far left and the far right and the corporations doing the best they can to dismantle the effectiveness of the federal government by eliminating regulations and the fda, the epa, the nfl, and everything else. they want to develop and anarchy regarding regulation. this business about the states and the local governments should have the exclusive power. they are trying to divide and conquer the people of the united states of america. for instance, a homosexual marriage. they're s
. this will be the first statue of an african-american woman to be placed in the capital, that of rosa parks. i cannot think of a more fitting honor for a great american hero who still inspires us all. on tuesday, the president laid out his agenda. it is one that i largely disagree with trade i think it lacked any new ideas prayed to the millions of americans still asking the question, where are the jobs? it was largely more of the same. more tax hikes, more stimulus spending. if he's serious about enacting his agenda, i think it must start with the part of this congress that his party controls, the united states senate. what can he get past in united states senate? -- passed in the united states senate? the president once more stimulus spending. the president wants more tax hikes that destroyed jobs. this is not the agenda that many americans are looking for. and, many in the president's own party will not support those ideas. in the house, we will continue to focus on what the american people's top priorities are, creating jobs and cutting spending. for the last two years, the house has done its wor
obama will meet with congressional leaders. that is for an unveiling of the statue for rosa parks in the capitol. for a deal on sequestration there are no talks. bill: woodward calls it a case of distortion and confusion. calls it a classic case. argues that washington is using this technique too often lately. is he just talking about the current administration? what else would he cite in that do you believe? >> one of the key points that wood ward has made is both sides are to blame here, there is no doubt about that. but, president obama is the president. he is in charge. so when you look back to deals or crisis that president reagan, president clinton, faced, the president is the one that has to lead the most. and that is where he is pushing back at the white house as they have fired at him. bill: they are just mixed up, surprisingly. so the words of woodward today, bob cusack thank you for your words right now. have a great week. >> thank you, bill. bill: here is martha. martha: here is a question for you on monday morning. is it a new cold war that could cripple countries? cy
schechner in the current news center. >> good morning, everybody. today, rosa parks becomes the first black woman honored with a full-length statue in statuary hall. president obama will be on hand for the unveiling ceremony. john boehner and mitch mcconnell will be joining him as will 50 or so of parks' relatives who made the trip to d.c. for the event. parks who famously refused to give up her seat to a white man in alabama in 1955 passed away in 2005 at the age of 92. the postal service issued a stamp in her honor. a couple of weeks ago in honor what would have been her 100th birthday. vice president biden is speaking to the national association of attorneys general on the administration's plans to reduce gun violence. afterwards, he's expected to a meeting with new york city mayor michael bloomberg who is in d.c. meeting with mayors. bloomberg can celebrate a victory as robin kelly beat representative halverson in illinois's second district, vying to replace the seat left vacant by jesse jackson jr. who has resigned. bloomberg's super pac spent more than $2 million on the race on gun co
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